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About Us

An Inspired Name

My Great Aunt Ruby was a woman with great strength, fortitude and a fierce love for her family.  She weathered many storms in her lifetime and showed great perseverance.  Her favorite place to be?  The kitchen, where she would cook scrumptious meals for her family.  And family to her wasn't just blood relations.  It was anyone who walked through her door.  My favorite recipe was her mouth- watering strawberry cake!

My name Robin, was inspired by a little Bird my parents observed one day.  Over the years, I've learned the Robin is known for the way she cares for her young.  These sweet birds build comforting nests and bring nourishment to their little ones.

My desire is for clients to feel this Design process is personalized resulting in a beautiful, warm and inviting kitchen for your home in which you nourish all who come and you enjoy for years to come!

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